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At Chrysalis Girls Adventures, we embrace the outdoor environment as a medium for empowering adolescent girls to build healthy relationships with one another, recognize and celebrate their strengths, and connect with the natural world. Students live and travel outdoors, while learning technical skills, such as camp craft (e.g., tent shelters, outdoor cooking), backpacking, and self-defense. In tandem with technical skills, our courses emphasize community-building, leadership development, diversity and allyship, self-awareness, positive body image, and healthy living. We celebrate our unique identities as bold & brave girls, while enjoying the breathtaking forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, seashores, and rock formations of the San Francisco Bay Area!

"Susie was great with answering questions and setting expectations for the trip. I didn't know exactly what to think about sending my daughter on a backpacking trip, but meeting the leaders and the other families, and having everything laid out for me made this a great experience for me as the parent. The detailed trip planning, communication, and the access to safe gear eased all my worries. Thank you for the amazing experience you provided my daughter."

- Casey Jones, 2022 Parent


"In nature my power extends - 

roots of a tree for me, 

pulsing and raging through my veins.

My power comes - so strong.

I am strong.

The breath I breathe is brave -

my pulse is brave,

and so I make my life brave.

A word I use to describe me - brave.

A butterfly"

- 2022-2023 Participant, age 13

Hiking, camping, teambuilding, & rock-climbing in the East Bay! We'll celebrate our connection to nature & one another as powerful girls & women, while challenging ourselves to step outside our comfort zones. Includes 3 full days & 2 nights of camping.

  • Friday: Course Start (10am), Community Building, Camping

  • Saturday: Day Hikes, Climbing, Leadership & Self-Reflection, Camping

  • Sunday: Climbing, Closing Activities, Course End (4pm)


Camp in the redwoods, go on a night hike, learn self-defense, & say "yes" to try! Redwood Divas will head to the North Bay for three days of empowerment, outdoor adventures, & building healthy relationships. Includes 3 full days & 2 nights of camping.

  • Sunday: Course Start (10am), Community Building, Camping

  • Monday: Day Hikes, Leadership & Self-Reflection, Night Hike, Camping

  • Tuesday: Self-Defense!, Closing Activities, Course End (4pm)

Custom Programs
All ages!
Outdoor & Experiential Education Programs
San Francisco Bay Area

Are you part of a mother-daughter group, Girl Scouts troop, church/youth group, or other community that might enjoy a fun & empowering adventure? Let's chat! Chrysalis Girls Adventures is happy to offer personalized experiential education programs for all ages & genders. Possible themes include teambuilding, leadership development, environmental appreciation, healthy living, community service, outdoor skills (e.g., backpacking), social justice, and play!

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