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Chrysalis Girls Adventures

Find Your Wings

Our mission is to empower girls with confidence, courage, and compassion through outdoor adventures. 

Our vision is a society that values people of all identities and backgrounds, one in which girls and women realize their full potential and are dedicated to improving their lives and the world around them.

What Makes Us Special

passionate, & caring instructors

Our instructors are teachers, coaches, recreation professionals, holistic health providers, girls' and women's empowerment advocates, and all-around world-improvers. We bring many years of experience working with youth, adventuring in the outdoors, and caring for the natural environment. We believe in this work and the importance of outdoor education, and would be thrilled to bring you on course with us!

Powerful Adventures

Most 2022 participants agreed:

"I feel more confident to try at least one thing some people think girls can't/shouldn't do."

"I am more likely to be physically active."


"I am more confident to be myself."


"I am more likely to feel good about my body."

"I am more likely to say what I really think or feel."

Connections for Life

Once you are part of Chrysalis Girls Adventures (CGA), you are part of our community for life! Come back as a returning student, volunteer with us, or become an assistant instructor!


Dana Goldstein, 2022 Trails to Sea Parent

“You guys are amazing. Thank you for being so supportive.”

2022 Trails to Sea Participant, age 11

"Amazing journey! Victoria's excitement at her return confirms why the pilot program was highly recommended by GirlVentures. She was safe, welcome, and included during the whole program. My daughter was allowed to enjoy herself, get some fresh air, and exercise while she learned to appreciate food and her family."

Olga Calderon, 2022 Trails to Sea Parent

"You get to meet new people, new foods, new places, and adventures. Also, the instructors are really nice and supportive."

Victoria Hernandez, 2022 Trails to Sea Participant, age 11

"Chrysalis Girls Adventures has been dream and a passion for a long long time. This is an exciting time to be a part of the team that is bringing positive change to the world, one courageous girl at a time!"

Benjamin Barr-Wilson, Teambuilding Facilitator & Web Developer

"My daughter came back glowing after the trip, excited to share about her experiences with the other girls, stories of the trip itself, and new discoveries about her own abilities. Susie’s positivity and playfulness made even the more challenging aspects of backpacking into an adventure, and was adept at helping weave connections between the girls to create a safe, supportive atmosphere right away.”

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Empowering Girls Through Outdoor Adventure

Chrysalis Girls Adventures

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