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Our Partners

Cheers to our partners around the Bay Area - we appreciate your support!


GirlVentures inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action. 

GirlVentures is a key source of inspiration and guidance for Chrysalis Girls Adventures! GirlVentures supports Chrysalis Girls Adventures with course referrals, mentoring, and program supplies/resources.


Bay Area Wilderness Training envisions a generation of social and environmental leaders, inspired by positive and meaningful experiences in nature, who reflect the diversity of our local community.

We are grateful to partner with BAWT for equipping all of our courses with top-notch camping and backpacking gear! 

San Francisco State

We prepare students for meaningful careers by engaging them with San Francisco Bay Area partners, educating them using high-impact practices and empowering them to make authentic changes in themselves and their community.

Many thanks to the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism for supporting Chrysalis Girls Adventures with publicity, teambuilding supplies, staff referrals, and professional guidance! 

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