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A Metaphor

A “chrysalis” is the life stage of transformation a caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly. Once a caterpillar has matured, it spends a considerable amount of time in a protective casing, growing and changing, until it is ready to emerge as its beautiful new identity. 

Amazing moment ,Monarch butterfly and caterpillar and chrysalis.jpg

For Transformation

The process of a girl becoming a young woman is an exciting, yet challenging one, filled with significant physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. Chrysalis Girls Adventures aims to empower adolescent girls (“caterpillars”) through this transformation process (“chrysalis”) with outdoor adventures focused on confidence, courage, and compassion.

We embrace the outdoor environment as a medium for empowering girls to build healthy relationships with one another, recognize and celebrate their strengths, and connect with the natural world. Students live and travel outdoors, while learning technical skills and engaging in curriculum centered around community building, leadership development, diversity and allyship, self-awareness, positive body image, and healthy living. We celebrate our unique identities as bold & brave girls, while enjoying the breathtaking forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, seashores, and rock formations of the San Francisco Bay Area!

Chrysalis Girls Adventures provides girls with the opportunity to create meaningful connections, increase self-esteem, develop a heightened awareness of their community and world, and learn practical skills they can apply throughout their lifetime, enabling them to embrace future endeavors as confident young women (“butterflies”).​

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